Twisted Bracelet, Black

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Style & Fit

  • 3D printed bracelet
  • twisted
  • light & the shape makes it very comfortable to wear.


Materials & Details

  • Polyamide with aluminum
  • Made in Zürich, Switzerland


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Brand & Designer

Consuelo Keller, the designer behind the brand Digimorphé envisions herself as a "digital artisan" and [ digimorphé ] as an open playground for experimentation and innovation. She explore the possibilities given by open source software and hardware, creative coding and generative design and 3D scanning and digital fabrication. Finally this knowledge is also combined and put to use with traditional materials and handmade techniques.

In the Medley Institute, fashion and design merge to form new, surprising concepts. In 2010, it was founded in Berlin by Jana Patz. To work with materials untypical in fashion, such as wood or porcelain, often serves as a starting point. The creative process is guided by techniques of traditional craftmanship