Studio Erik Stehmann

:O Chair

Why We Love It: this chair makes puts a smile on your face everyday!


Style & Shape

  • This common shaped chair is not as boring as it looks like.
  • These stackable chairs have already proven themselves in quality and durability,
  • Erik Stehmann has done some minor adjustments and changed the colour of the product, which makes the world a little more fun. 

Material & Dimensions
  • Polypropylene and steel
  • Height 83 cm x Width 49 cm x Depth 45 cm


Delivery & Conditions

  • Price incl. VAT
  • For non-EU orders, please follow instructions at check-out
  • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


Brand & Designer

Since about 10 years, Erik Stehmann runs his Arnhem based studio professionally, without losing the ability to experiment and play like a kid. Whether it starts with a weird sentence, or a frustration about how ugly some products are, it always ends in an innovative project or product meant to make the world a bit more fun. Studio Erik Stehmann became known for his DOG Scratchpost for Cats, which we used to stock at Waldraud too.

Origin: The Netherlands