New Gents

New Gents is a men's accessories brand with a wonderful attituted.

In essence, New Gents believes in “old values and ethics wrapped up in new attitudes.” And that goes beyond style, trends, “tribes”, or ghettos. It’s about saying please, thank you, excuse me, you first, and also about loyalty, coherence and politeness, as well as honor, humanity and a bit of everyday creativity. It’s the hands, souls, and minds that strive to materialize something that lingers long after the lights are out and the computer screens are off. Longevity, revival and essence. Lifestyles, ideologies, options, preferences, goals and beliefs – everything is impermanent. But values remain. No one at New Gents wants to dwell in the past or dive into a lifestyle that smells like mothballs. They do want a revival – but of those things that really matter. A revival of kindness – be it the kindness of attitudes or things – that has crossed centuries. But they want to live it right here! Less rough arguments and more gentle issues. With that clear and understood, the rest is unimportant. They do not care if you are looking for distinction and elegance or just irreverence and fun. New Gents is here to cater to your every need.

Origin: Brazil