Risotto Studio

Colouring Book

50.00 kr 195.00 kr

Why We Love It: this colouring book packed with Risotto Studio's signature bold and playful prints. Will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.

Style & Shape

  • Colouring book to make your head all buttery and relaxed
  • Monocrome book containing 16 prints calling out for colour.


Material & Dimensions

    • Printed on colorset nero 100% recycled using metallic gold riso ink


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        Brand & Designer

        Scotland’s leading risograph print specialist, and stationery brand Risotto, set up in 2012 and led by designer Gabriella Marcella,  makes all paper goods from their zero-waste workshop in Glasgow. There a small and passionate team works hard to design, test and launch new products - sustaining the power of small-scale artisan quality, as an alternative to mass production.
        The house style is notoriously bold and playful.