Rodger Polar T-Shirt, White

Style & Fit

      • White t-shirt in 100% lightly flamed cotton jersey
      • Detail of the spine piqué in red in the back
      • Person 1.82 m long wears size L


      Materials & Details

      • 100% cotton
      • Wash at 30° inside out
      • Made in Portugal


      Delivery & Conditions

      • Prices include Swiss VAT. Shipping price calculated at checkout.
      • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


      Brand & Designer

      Homecore is a French menswear brand born in 1992, designing a timless practical wardrobe, elegant wihout ostentation, for the every day life. Homecore's garments underline the interior structure of the body to support a straight posture.

      Origin: France


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