Studio Lennke Wispelwey

Lenneke Wispelwey founded her studio in 2008 in Arnhem. Her pastel coloured porcelain products with mathematic/geometric patterns are the result of a very low-tech way of designing. She finds a basic, simple approach to techniques and materials very important to communicate her vision and her way of working. Lenneke prefers creating a family of products because as an only child she had always a desire for a bigger family. Her work is also known for the use of different shades of one colour, and playing with the contrast between biscuit and glazed porcelain.Her love for curiosa, vintage and other remarkable items is showing in how she poetically displays her work in a bigger picture. She creates honest and harmonious designs, inspired by her own memories and found pieces from every day life. She feels her work should make people smile.

Origin: The Netherlands

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