Showpiece Waldraud Side Table, Ash

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Style  & Shape

  • Playful and elegant side table made in Switzerland of Swiss wood
  • Limited numbered edition
  • Consists of a solid wood panel and three thin, removable legs
  • No screws or glue. On the lower side of the solid table three holes are to use around the legs. The legs are at the upper end provided with a ring made of rubber so they do not fall out when lifting the table
  • The stability of the table is replaced by the creative design and precise angle production
  • The side table comes as well in oak and walnut

Material & Dimensions

  • Swiss wood (available in oak, ash or walnut)
  • Produced in Switzerland by young St.Gallen-based carpenter Agosti Meier

Delivery & Conditions

  • Delivery normally within 5 workdays if on stock, otherwise 2-3 weeks
  • Price for this product already includes shipping to your door (within Switzerland and EU)

Brand & Designer

Under the brand Waldraud Ann, Daniel and Lorenz, the founders of Waldraud, create their own products.

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