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Casablanca Eau de Splash

    • This summer the Eau de Splash – Casablanca is dedicate to all who lay in the hot sand of their dreams, not needing more then sunscreen for protecting their pale skin.
    • Casa Blanca is a fragrance gesture for imaginative vacations during long office hours.
    • Socially incorrect fragrances based on man-made places and materials of daily life. Ground breaking anti-perfumes pushing beyond the realm of traditional fragrances.
    • The fragrance was launched in a capsule collaboration with the brand holders of Klaesi Holdener (Berlin), Teuber Kolhoff (Berlin) and nasire (Marrakesh)


      Materials & Details

      • 100 ml
      • Sunscreen with enveloping leather and sandalwood elevated by almonds, frangipani and red pepper.


      Delivery & Conditions

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      Brand & Designer

      Casa Blanca is a creation by Niklaus Mettler from In’n’out Fragrances

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