Grid Shopper, Indium-Fluorescent Gradient

Style & Fit

  • Shopper in indium-fluorescent gradient
  • Two handles: one for the shoulder
  • Small inner pocket
  • Hook to close


Materials & Details

  • 100% polyester webbing, 100% cotton outer, 100% poliester lining
  • Length 42cm, width 38cm, depth 10 cm
  • Made in the Netherlands and Portugal


Delivery & Conditions

  • Prices include Swiss VAT. Shipping price calculated at checkout.
  • Delivery normally within 5 workdays if on stock


Brand & Designer

Pack is is a modular bag system that is hand made in the Netherlands and Portugal. Using the same basic components: a basket, a sleeve, straps and clips, they build different types of bags.

As these components are easy to assemble and disassemble you can adjust and evolve your bag over time. Pack designs are timeless, aesthetic and functional. They believe in quality over quantity and uphold sustainable and ethical ways of working.

Origin: the Netherlands

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