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Indie Brands

Style & Shape

  • 30 independent brands that inspire and tell a story. Indie Brands, the book, delves into the world of independent brands. Written by Anneloes van Gaalen and designed by Studio Kluif and Supernova, the book shows the creative people behind the brand, the visual eye candy they create, the space they work in and the inspiring items they surround themselves with.
  • Consider this 200-page book an all-access pass into the world of indie brands, which is bound to inspire creative minds and other indie entrepreneurs in the making. The Indie Brands book has been nominated for the European Design Awards.


Material & Dimensions

  • Format: hardcover
  • Height 27 cm x width 21 cm
  • Pages: 200


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      Brand & Designer

      BIS Publishers is the founder and publisher of Graphic magazine and is also founder of Frame Magazine which has developed into a publishing company of its own ( BIS Publishers is an independent company founded in 1986 by the present director and publisher Rudolf van Wezel.

      Author: Anneloes van Gaalen

      Design: Studio Kluif & Supernova


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