Ashley Marc Hovelle

Knitted Rib Beanie, Off White

Style & Fit

    • Limited edition off white 100% pure new wool beanie
    • Coarse knit design in rich soft texture wool
    • Shorter length and folded cuff with ‘emotion face badge’ embroidered at side.
    • One size fits all.


      Materials & Details

      • 100% pure new wool
      • Handmade in Germany


      Delivery & Conditions

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      • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


      Brand & Designer

      Ashely Marc Hovelle is clean aesthetics with the focus on Men's Jerseywear and eye popping patterns in contrasting prints and embroidery. All  designs are hand illustrated to reflect our detailed design signature.

      Ashley Marc Hovelle is  committed to ethical manufacturing in Europe, so they can visit our factories frequently and ensure the best quality for you. Their collections are Made in Portugal and Germany.

      Origin: United Kingdom

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