Natural Soap, Terrazzo, Moon

Style & Fit

  • Natural soap for face, body and also scalp
  • 'Terrazzo' is a kind of artificial stone, and it is an interior restoration which is reproduced by mixing small particles of glass or marble into white cement. Just like the production principle of Terrazzo, it is the Hanahzo_Terrazzo which collected the small pieces of the Hanahzo soap and reproduced it with a more beautiful design.natural oil, over 4 weeks aging, Cold Process* soap.


    Materials & Details

    • 100g
    • Natural oil, over 4 weeks aging
    • Cold Process* soap. Method for producing a natural oil by saponification at a low temperature. Due to the high temperature that does not destroy the effectiveness of oil and additives. This Soap is complete through drying and ripening process of at least four weeks“ in the pace of an appropriate temperature and humidity.” Surfactant and glycerine (humectant) occurs naturally in the course of saponification. Because SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) is not added, the oil required

      for the skin is protected.


    Delivery & Conditions

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    Brand & Designer

    Hanahzo wants to create “HAPPINESS IN THE BATHROOM” where it is very close to you. They hope that your bathroom where you begin and end your day will be a place where you want to stay longer.

    They want you to PAUSE YOUR LIFE. The time in the bathroom to end your exhausting day is where you can forget your anxiety and stress for a moment.

    Hanahzo's products are made from natural ingredients.

    Origin: South Korea

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