Ocean Swimming Training, Israel Dead Sea Salt

Style & Fit

  • Bath Sea Salt from the Death Sea
  • The Dead Sea Salt, which contains 30 kinds of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, cleanses the body of toxins and suppliers moisure. This makes the skin smooth and moist. In addition, the salt warms the body and helps to circulate blood smoothly.


    Materials & Details

    • 240 g
    • Israel Dead Sea Salt


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    Brand & Designer

    Hanahzo wants to create “HAPPINESS IN THE BATHROOM” where it is very close to you. They hope that your bathroom where you begin and end your day will be a place where you want to stay longer.

    They want you to PAUSE YOUR LIFE. The time in the bathroom to end your exhausting day is where you can forget your anxiety and stress for a moment.

    Hanahzo's products are made from natural ingredients.

    Origin: South Korea

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