Round Squared Mirror

Style & Shape

  • Impressive geometric mirror designed by Clara von Zweigbergk for Moustache
  • Extremely light and easy to stick to any wall surface with double sided stick patches (included).

Material & Dimensions

  • Material: Acrylic mirror glass
  • Diameter: 48 cm


Delivery & Conditions

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  • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


    Brand & Designer

    Moustache. Founded and run by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio, Moustache's aim is to bring together a group of like-minded designers to nurture the development of innovative and honest furnishings that will stand the test of time. They seek to break away from pre-set market concepts and create innovative products by combining a variety of approaches and thought processes. To open new domestic horizons designers such as François Azambourg, Big-Game, Matali Crasset, Ana Mir + Emili Padros and Inga Sempé cohabit in Moustache.

    Rather than artificially developing the principle of novelty at any price, the products produced by Moustache will attempt to take advantage of passing time and to give them a little of the heritage value that furniture and objects held in the past. Far however from looking nostalgically at the contemporary production of the objects, the Moustache collection will try to anticipate and project the solutions for our scenarios for future life.

    Designer: Clara von Zweigbergk

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