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Showpiece - Cr.One Clothing Rack, Mirror Polished

This product is a showpiece that has been exhibited at our store for a while. The last picture in the image gallery is a picture of the actual product. Please note that this product can only be picked up at our store in Zurich (Josefstrasse 142, 8005 Zurich). If you need any further information about the product or if you want to buy it please send us a mail to or give us a call at the store (+41 44 554 60 50).


Style & Shape

  • Clothing rack in mirror-polished blue characterized by its aesthetically expressive design language
  • Progressive surface finish that is used in the arts and automotive sector makes its appearance even more appealing
  • Similar to a work of art that can stand alone in the room and present clothes  in a whole new and exaptional way


Material & Dimensions

  • is made ​​of steel tubes with a diameter of 35mm and is so solid you could do chin-ups on it
  • Rack can be dismounted into three parts and is therefore easily transportable. It can be rebuild quickly simply by plugging and screwing the three parts back together.
  • In addition, for smooth floors (concrete, screed, parquet flooring without joints, etc.) ball casters are available to allow easy movement of the rack (e.g. for cleaning). The ball casters are especially developed in the conveyance industry. They are inserted flush at the end of the pipe, so that the rack rests only 2-3mm above the floor, and its movement gives the impression to float.
  • There are 2 types of the the exclusive mirrorpolished version in the colors pink, gold, green, blue and chrome and the powder coated version in silk-mat white (RAL 9010) and black (RAL 9005). Both types have the highest quality and are each available with optional ball casters.


Delivery & Conditions

  • Please note that this product can only be picked up at our store in Zurich (Josefstrasse 142, 8005 Zurich)


Brand & Designer

Max and the Mirror is a design company working in the fields of industrial design and furniture. Their design approach is characterized by a an expressive design language with focus on progressive surface finishes that are used in the arts and automotive sector. The company's first project is called the clothes rack.
Max and the Mirror believes in high quality products and uses high-end machines combined with finest handcraft.

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