Showpiece - Le Belge System - 7 Levels 7 legs

This product is a showpiece that has been exhibited at our store for a while. The first picture in the image gallery is a picture of the actual product. If you need any further information about the product or if you want to buy it please send us a mail to or give us a call at the store (+41 44 554 60 50).


 The Showpiece is made up of 7 shelves, 4 long (175 cm) and 4 short (55 cm) legs (1 extra if not combined).


Style & Shape

  • Oak-wood shelf-system
  • Based on a basic construction principle
  • Butterfly screws in different colours (green, pink, white) 
  • The screws allow to vary height of levels and any position
  • No need for tools to set up or adjust Le Belge System


Material, Dimensions & Prices

  • Solid oakwood levels and legs
  • Butterfly screws in mixed colours (green, pink, white) 
  • Levels length 65 cm x width 30 cm
  • Short legs 55 cm
  • Long legs 175 cm


Delivery & Conditions

  • Delivery normally within 5-10 days


Brand & Designer

Basically Vij5 only exists out of two persons. The young Dutch designer Arjan van Raadshooven and Aniek Branderhorst. Vij5 actively seeks collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection.

Designer: Reinhard Dienes

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