Stackable Floor Mat, Large

Style & Shape

  • The wooden floor mat
  • Ideas of its use can vary, for instance, it can serve as a base under flower pots and kitchen items, or it can be a decorative interior element- Connecting the tiles and making the mat is at the taste of each user
  • Coloured tiles in a set make up about 20% of all tiles, the rest are solid wood tiles

Material & Dimensions

  • Laminted tiles - about 20% of all tiles
  • Rest are solid oiled ash tree tiles
  • If set up as a square 67 cm x 67 cm


Delivery & Conditions

  • Delivery normally within 4-6 weeks


Brand & Designer

Mint funrnitures emanate a feeling of lightness without sacrificing functionality. Their designs are logical, simple and can be adapted to different situations.

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