Susan Bijl

The New Pouch, Dots Special Edition, Blue / Yellow

Style & Fit

  • Super strong & light weight, high-quality organizer / etui with zipper
  • The pouch is water repellent
  • Collection - DOTS
  • Special Edition - The playful dot print is designed by one of Susan Bijl's favourite Studios 75B, located in an old pudding factory in Rotterdam


Materials & Details

  • 100% ripstop nylon


Delivery & Conditions

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  • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


Brand & Designer

Susan Bijl is a pioneer in the field of ‘daily’ bags and carriers  with her modernist design, signature flash and unlimited possible colour variations. Almost 10 years ago, Susan Bijl started officially to sell their collection. Susan Bijls bags are inspired by the good old plastic bag. Their super strong bags are water repellent and made from the same textile that is used for manufacturing kites.

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