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Antonio Aricò

Antonio Aricò from Italy is an unconventional designer who bases his work on spontaneous feelings and emotions.

Origin: Italy
Christof Plümacher

Christof Plümacher was born in Essen Germany in 1963. He completed a formal education in photography. From 1995-2007, he worked as a producer for commercials and print advertising in Los Angeles, USA. Since 2007, he is entirely committed to fine art photography. Being exhibited at Waldraud, this limited edition is showed for the first time in Switzerland.

Origin: Germany
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MAX AND THE MIRROR is a design company working in the fields of industrial design and furniture. The company's first project is called the clothes rack. is made of steel tubes and so solid that you could do chin-ups on it.

Origin: Austria
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The British design company produces innovative furniture, lighting and accessories. They have collaborated with renowned designers, architects and artists in order to unite British design on a global platform.

Origin: United Kingdom
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Dirk Vander Kooij

Dirk Vander Kooij uses recycled refrigerators to produce endless furniture lines.

Origin: The Netherlands

The German label Echtwald distributes exclusively produced regional and sustainable products. A central concern of the the label is the protection and expansion of natural forests as well as the active remodeling of commercial forests in natural forests. This is why the proceeds from the sales of the Echtwald products directly contribute to the acquisition and restoration of forest areas.

Origin: Germany
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Foekje Fleur

Foekje Fleur makes handmade mixed bottle vases out of porcelain inspired from plastic waste from the river Maas in Rotterdam.

Origin: The Netherlands
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HAUS STATIONERY comes from the clothing line HAUS which applied its concept to the world of stationary. It brings together a series of top of the line products and materials from the universe of technical drawing and stationery designed for a culturally aware international audience (architects, designers, artists, entrepreneurs).

Origin: The Netherlands
Jeroen Van Leur

Dutch Designer Jeroen Van Leur develops functional products with a sense of craftmanship, quality and simplicity..

Origin: The Netherlands
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Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz create fun stools, benches and lights that go far beyond their actual function.

Origin: Germany
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L'Atelier d'Exercice

The French family run brand L’Atelier d’Exercise is dedicated to the creation as well as publishing and distribution of objects, furniture and systems.

Origin: France
Magazines & Books

Waldraud offers selected art, design and fashion magazines & books.
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Maison Martin Margiela Line 13

Margielas Line 13 consists of homogeneous objects entirely in agreement with the Belgian designer's signature faceless..

Origin: Belgium
Marcus Kraft

The book ‹don’t eat the yellow snow – pop music wisdom› by the Zurich based graphic designer Marcus Kraft lists 250 of the best songs for the times when solid advice is needed. It is a collection of famous songs, but there are also many surprises. We also exhibit and sell the original drawings of the book.

Origin: Switzerland
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Marlies Spaan makes expressive textile patchwork quilts and pillows by hand.

Origin: The Netherlands
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Meike Harde

The German designer Meike Harde tries to re-think the common manufacturing technologies and construction guidelines. With the product Zieharsofika, she developed a new method of upholstery construction, aiming to create a stiff cushion from a flat foam mat.

Origin: Germany

The furniture of MINT emanate a feeling of lightness without sacrificing functionality. Their designs are logical, simple and can be adapted to different situations.

Origin: Latvia
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minus tio

Swedish made furniture with a strong personality and architectural components.

Origin: Sweden
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Moodbroom by Zilbers Design

Handmade accent lighting for both modern households and offices alike. Remote controlled LED lights complement the interior and the mood, allowing up to 15 different colour tones.

Origin: Latvia

The French brand Moustache brings together like-minded designers to produce innovative and honest furnishings.

Origin: France
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nachacht Berlin by artificial

nachacht Berlin are three designers from Berlin, Mark Bergold, Julian Jaede and Martin Schmid. They decided to meet after work (nachacht literally translates to ‘aftereight’) to develop furniture design. Since then furniture, lamps and lifestyle accessories have been brought to production. Today, nachacht Berlin collaborates with several designers, workshops and companies to create and produce their products.

Origin: Germany
Nick Fraser

London based designer Nick Fraser produces a range of contemporary interior products and furniture. These playful designs offer well considered functionality combined with distinctive character and charm.

Origin: United Kingdom
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The Swiss Designer Olivier Bläser features hand-made premium products. His pendant or floor lamp Duchamp is a playful and surprising combination of everyday objects.

Origin: Switzerland
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Polkka Jam

Polkka Jam is an illustration and design studio with 10 years of experience in producing unique prints and patterns. While creating visual joy for everyday life, we aim to keep our production as local and ecological as possible. All our products are manufactured in Finland.

Origin: Finland
Pols Potten

Subtle, innovative, humorous and handmade home accessories like vases, cups and candleholders made ​​of porcelain with Dutch roots.

Origin: The Netherlands
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A rope of four meters with five hooks. As a wardrobe. Or for other purposes. The special geometry of the hooks allows you to easily move them along the rope and thus position them where you need them. Furthermore, it provides stability even under heavy load. Finally, it guarantees a continuous axis of gravity of the hanging rope.

Origin: Germany
RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona make intense living furniture and are fond of humor, surprises and that twinkle in the eye.

Origin: Spain
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The products of the Italian brand Seletti are created by important international designers and stand for style, quality and recognisability. The personality of the brand is synonymous with value, movement, provocation, innovation, original matching.

Origin: Italy
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The products of the Dutch label Soonsalon are not only made to make everyday life more comfortable or beautiful, they should make you smile.

Origin: The Netherlands
Studio Lenneke Wispelwey

Studio Lenneke Wispelwey is a Dutch ceramics designer working with beautiful pastel coloured products and mathematic/geometric patterns.

Origin: Netherlands
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Studio Pepe Heykoop

The leather lampshades designed by Pepe Heykoop were launched in September 2010. He combines design with sustainable, social and ethical production.

Origin: The Netherlands

Thomas Eyck, launches limited editions of contemporary design objects (pillows, lamps and glasses, etc.) created in collaboration with selected designers.

Origin: The Netherlands
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The Beach Ball Light is a custom made beach ball that is manufactured with the addition of a transparent window and an extra screw valve through which the lighting element is inserted before inflation. Assembly takes only a few minutes. A bicycle or similar pump is required (not supplied) to inflated the ball through the regular pop-out blow-hole.

Origin: United Kingdom
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Toymail was founded in 2012 with a mission to keep families connected without putting kids behind another screen. Screentime is a contstant struggle for parents with children spending 8 hours a day in front of laptops, tablets, and tvs. So many devices for kids isolate them behind a screen. Toymail wanted to create opportunities for kids to play with the people they love even when they can't be together.
Mailmen are global walkie talkies that connect families all around the world. You can send free voice messaging to and from the Mailmen through Toymail's iPhone/Android app. Send your message anytime and children can reply right back. The Mailmen were funded with the international crowdfunding plattform kickstarter and through Waldraud they now enter the Swiss market.

Origin: USA

Valsecchi is a family run business founded in 1918. In 2011, the young Valsecchi generation reinvented the brand and called it Valsecchi1918. They work with several designers to offer a more lively, emotional and material reinterpretation of solid wood furniture.

Origin: Italy
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The young Dutch designer Arjan van Raadshooven and Aniek Branderhorst create simple and playful furniture, lamps and vases.

Origin: The Netherlands

Under the brand Waldraud Ann, Daniel and Lorenz, the founders of Waldraud, create their own products. The delicate and playful side table is their first furnishings-piece. It is produced by, a young St.Gallen based carpenter team.

Origin: Switzerland
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