July 29, 2017


Jump Into the Water with Batoko swimsuits!


Welcome Batoko! It isn't easy to find stylish and playful swimwear for women with a good fit. We are thus happy that we've found what we were looking for. Batoko is pop art and a brand that prefers to keep their collections small. By supporting Batoko, you are supporting small creatives who have a passion for the great outdoors, protecting our beautiful natural world and sustainability.




That's Banana Swimsuit, 50 CHF



That's Banana Swimsuit, 50 CHF




Monstera Swimsuit, 50 CHF




Cactus Swimsuit, 50 CHF - This style is also available for kids (1-6 years)



Dinoass Swimsuit, 50 CHF - This style is also available for kids (1-6 years)

July 25, 2017


New Arrivals - AYM


We just received a new delivery of the Aym, a new Danish Jewellery Brand based in Copenhagen. The jewellery collection takes Scandinavian minimalism to a new stage with refreshing colours and a strong attidtude. The jewellery is made in an aircraft company in the USA - how cool is that?



Aiko Ring, Spectrum, 62 CHF. Both designs available in sizes 6 to 8



Aiko Ring, White, 48 CHF & the Agrippa Ring, White, 45 CHF. Both designs available in sizes 6 to 8



Aliénor Bracelet, White, 58CHF. One size (diameter 6.3 cm)



Geometric Necklace, Spectrum, 95 CHF



Geometric Necklace, Spectrum, 95 CHF


Photo credits - Play Hunter



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot


Susan Bijl just launced this colourful special edition in collaboration with the renowned Rotterdam based designer Bertjan Pot. We are delighted to be one of the selected stores to carry this collection.



At the studio of Bertjan Pot in Rotterdam



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Shopping Bag - Passive Workout



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Shopping Bag - Ripstop Fall



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Pouch - Ripstop Fall


Photo credits - Jan Bijl


Pinkplantastik Limited Art Print Exhibition at Waldraud


Come & see Play Hunter's Pinkplantastik Limited Art Print exhibition and installation at our store in Zurich. Exhibtion through to May 18.




Pinkplantastik No 1, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 2, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 3, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 4, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495

April 04, 2017


Play Hunter ›

Pinkplantastik - Limited Edition Art Prints & Installation



What is it that makes potted greenery and pink so appealing, so now? Photographer and author Play Hunter, whose minimalistic images of plants on pink find an ever growing following on Instagram, reckons:

"Plants such as monsteras and cacti are very fotogenic, especially on pink. At the same time, the’re very easy to keep, tough and great survivors. Plants and pink are essentially about a refreshing, positive take on life - something I feel we all need more of right now." says Play Hunter.

To this end, Play joined forces with our store Waldraud to launch Pinkplantastik: a collection of limited edition plantastic art prints set in a room painted in millennial pink. Each week, Play updates the installation with selected objects from the shop. It’s a thing - join #pinkplantastik

Come along & join us - more information will follow on our Pinkplantastik Facebook Event and on Instagram

Waldraud People - Meet Pia


Let’s introduce #waldraudpeople - We want to celebrate and present friends, clients, collaborators and people who inspire. Let’s kick off with Pia! The design cheerleader with a critical eye who started our Instagram. Photos by Play Hunter.



Pia is wearing the Fest Kaftan Shirt/Dress, 350 CHF from Henrik Vibskov giving the BigStuffed Small Whale a kiss. The whale is unfortunately only availble at our store in Zurich. To see more BigStuffed creatures, please visit our Blog.



Pia is wearing the Longsleeve, Camel Melange/Red 68 CHF & Fresh Denim Dappa Apron Dress 180 CHF, both from the Danish brand Mads Nørgaard.


5 things Pia loves about Waldraud

1. The unique selection that simply makes you smile.
2. Meeting unbelievably creative people in the shop.
3. Lovely smells when you enter thanks to the Comme des Garçons Parfumes.
4. The warm welcome by Waldraud’s dog & family member Lasse.
5. Killer music playlists, especially the one created for Waldraud by the Zurich-based music producer Marc Bonet.



Our style cheerleader in the fabolous pink Fresh Curie Dress, 225 CHF from Mads Nørgaard.


Pia - "My current obsession is listening to podcasts like #girlboss radio. The last thing I watched on TV was Girls."



Strike a pose! Pia wearing the stylish slightly oversized powder pink Denim Jacket from MM6, 545 CHF. Available at our store in Zurich - soon online as well.


Pia -  "I find it hard to resist striking a tourist pose when a camera is in front of me."



March 16, 2017


BigStuffed › Play Hunter ›

New Arrivals - The BigStuffed Creatures are back!


We are delighted to welcome the BigStuffed Whales & Octopuses back to our store! You can find Big & Small Whales and Octopuses in our shop in Zurich.



BigStuffed - Small Grandpa Octopus 135 CHF & Small Whale 115 CHF / Photo Play Hunter



BigStuffed - Small Whale 115 CHF / Photo: Play Hunter

It's Fashion Sale Time!


Check out our Fashion Sale Items here



Products at our Customers


Send us your Waldraud impression to store@waldraud.com.


Vij5- Lloop Lamp, Available in Black, White and Copper, 410 CHF


Mint - Bench Deer, from 352 CHF

New Arrival - Etiquette Clothiers


We just received a broad range of new colourful guality socks for both men and women from Etiquette Clothiers.


Etiquette Clothiers - Socks, 25 CHF
Photo: Play Hunter

November 03, 2016


Journal › New Arrivals ›

New Arrival - Journal Million Coat


This timeless long hooded coat from the Danish brand Journal, is made of ZQ certified Merino wool from sheep reared on farms in New Zealand and processed in the only wool mill in the world that holds the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) environmental certification.

Made of a warm super 100% wool fabric with a technical membrane on the backside called warmsense, which is produced in Italy. Warmsense reacts to UV rays and warms up the fabric (up to 3°C) in cold sunny days. The fabric is also breathable and water resistant.


Journal - Million Coat, 475 CHF


Journal - Million Coat, 475 CHF

New Arrival - Marjolein Delhaas


Stylish 2016 diaries from Rotterdam based graphic designer Marjolein Delhaas.


Marjolein Delhaas - Diaries, 30 CHF
Photo: Play Hunter

New Arrival - H+Hannoh Wessel


The Paris based German designer Hanno Wessel is returning after a 4 year break, relaunching his label H+Hannoh Wessel. The collection is characterised by a personal handwriting using high-quality materials such as natural fibers, tweed and silk. The garments are manufactured in a small factory in Northern Italy.


H+Hannoh Wessel - Coat Carole, 795 CHF


H+Hannoh Wessel - Dolly Dress, 245 CHF

Photos: Play Hunter

October 12, 2016


New Arrivals › Vij5 ›

New Arrival - Vij5


Some new items from our Dutch friends that we couldn't resist.

Vij5 - Handmade Pigments & Porcelain Espresso Cups, 22 CHF

Vij5 - Brass & Copper Hooks, availble in S, M & L, from 30 CHF


Vij5 - Lookshelves to show of your favourite books & magazines from 65 CHF

September 20, 2016


BigStuffed › New Arrivals ›

New Arrivals - BigStuffed


Last week, we gave you a preview, now they are back in our store - The big, soft and cuddly stuffed creatures from BigStuffed are suitable for both kids and adults. Each piece is 100% hand crafted in Bretagne, France.


Watch the clip to get a wonderful introduction to the beauty of BigStuffed


We discovered BigStuffed in an online magazine featuring photography, art and achitecture. Hence, we contacted, Dana the designer and founder of BigStuffed and asked her if she was keen on working with us - and luckily she was! We are proud to be her first reseller outside France.


At the top left & right - BigStuffed Small Whales, 115 CHF, at the bottom a Big Spotted Bubble Whale, 155 CHF


BigStuffed - Octopus & Whales from 115 CHF to 190 CHF


BigStuffed - Small Ocotupus CHF 135 & Small Grandpa Octopus CHF 135


BigStuffed creatures are only available ot our store in Zurich.
Photos by Playhunter

September 16, 2016


Products at our Customers ›

Products at Our Customers


Don't forget to hashtag your Waldraud product impressions with #waldraudmyhome on Instagram or send us an impression to store@waldraud.com.


#Seletti #Waldraud

Seletti - Hanging Monkey Lamp with Rope, 415 CHF

September 14, 2016


New Arrivals › Starstyling ›

New Arrival - Starstyling

We've been following Starstyling for a while, and at first we styled our youngest Waldraud member with a wee kids sweater. After all the great reactions, we decided to bring in their assorted collection for kids and adults. Thus we are very happy to welcome Starstyling to Waldraud. Every Starstyling product is made in-house in Germany by the husband and wife design partnership Kai Seifried and Katja Schlegel.


Starstyling - Points Sweater Unisex Grey, 165 CHF


StarstylingStarstyling - Points Big Shirt, 135 CHF


StarstylingStarstyling - Bulb Sweater Unisex Grey/Bronze, 135 CHF  

Products at Our Customers


Today we feature images from a wonderful flat in the old town of Bern, Switzerland. Don't forget to hashtag your Waldraud product impressions with #waldraudmyhome on Instagram or send us an impression to store@waldraud.com.


Mint - Comfy Single Seater, from 1'583 CHF


Vij5 - FlexVase, 240 CHF


Mint - Shelf Large, from 1'998 CHF

September 01, 2016


Happy Birthday AIKYOU - 5% on all Orders


Hip Hip Hurray! Let's celebrate with our friends. We offer you 5% anniversary discount on all Aikyou items until September 30.



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