February 05, 2019

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Waldraud Temporary

Our time with you at Waldraud in Zurich has been an unforgettable journey with many bright memories.

We would like to say thank you to all of you kind people who came by the store to say hi until the very end. We were overwhelmed with your kind words and we even received some sweet handwritten letters.

Your words and stories made us realise that we really made an impact in district 5 and in Zurich and that we didn’t just run a store. Waldraud was literally a place where people could have a good laugh, collect inspiration and recharge their batteries. It even served as a platform where designers found new collaboration partners. That’s how Marcus Kraft x Zäringer Weingut and Natalie Born x ZigZagZurich met and developed amazing creations together.

As we were looking back on all the good times, we serendipitously got the opportunity to stay on a little longer in district 5, and decided to jump on it!



Opening Times Waldraud Temporary:
Thursday, 16 - 19 o’clock
Friday, 12 - 19 o’clock
Saturday, 11 - 17 o’clock

December 05, 2018


Get-Together, Movin' Glühwein - December 8, 2018



As some of you already know, Waldraud will change. We are moving to Sweden and Waldraud to the digital space. Our physical store in Zurich is open until December 31, 2018. Thus, we hope to see many of you before our big move and we'd like to invite you for a Zähringer Glühwein this Saturday!

If you can't make it on Saturday, please join us at our Goodbye Party on Saturday, December, 15. 2018.

Ann & Lorenz

November 22, 2018


Waldraud Changes - Ciao Züri, Tja Malmö

It's about time we break our big news. We, Ann and Lorenz, the founders of Waldraud, are moving with the whole family to Sweden and Waldraud into the digital space for now.


We thus invite you to continue enjoying the physical space of Waldraud at Josefstrasse 142 in Zurich, before it is time to close the doors on December 31, 2018. As always, we'll have a wide range of inspiring products for you and yours this Christmas. Throughout the festive season we will drop some special offers in store and via newsletter.


We'd like to thank all of you - employees, customers, brands, collaborating partners and the press for an unforgettable time throughout our 7 years at the shop in Zurich.



Ann & Lorenz




August 24, 2018


July 28, 2018


BigStuffed › Designers ›

The story of bigstuffed

During Paris Fashion Week in March, we had the opportunity to visit BigStuffed at their studio space in Paris. The studio is situated in a beautifully quiet courtyard in the central part of Paris.


Dana welcomes me and excuses the creative chaos in the studio which I don’t mind - it is charming to see a space in action and the creative development of the creatures. Dana Muskat is the designer and owner of BigStuffed.


When did you produce the first BigStuffed creature and for whom?
Dana - I produced the first creature many years ago for a friend in Israel that just had a baby, and I didn’t have the possibility to visit her so I decided to make her an octopus, as they are apparently the best mum’s in the world. I continued making more of them as my friends fell in love with them too and so it all started.


What is your backround?
Dana – I studied fashion design. But as a fashion designer I got bored, and the fashion market is too crowded with brands, it feels like there is no space for more. With BigStuffed I get to work on a 3-Dimensional level too which gives me a lot more satisfaction, and I feel that there is definitely space out there for my creatures.

How does your creation and production process look like?
Dana - It all starts with collecting cross board inspiration from different materials, colours, animal types, objects and interiors. The sketchbook with simple drawings simplifies the animals to a certain extent. Afterwards I work with the patterns and the first mook-ups/prototypes, that will be sent to my factories in order to further work on the creature shape, material and filling. Depending on the shape of the animal, it can take several rounds until the final shape is created and put into production.

Which part is the hardest?
It is a different thing to design a fashion piece on a mannequin where you know most of the body shape in comparison to design the shape of different creatures. Still, the hardest part concerns the sourcing for materials.
Each creature’s personality and eyes are very impressive. Do you visit the animals you create in order to get the right emotional touch?
No, I find aquariums sad, studying pictures and watching movies is enough inspiration for me.

Are you working on new designs and further product launches for this year?
Yes, I am launching several new colours of the Beluga, Minis and Manatees. I am also finally beginning to design a new collection, but here I am only in the starting phase.

May 25, 2018


Private View - Artwork by Natalie Born, May 26, 4-6 p.m.


For Kreislauf 345, we host an exhibition of Swiss illustrator and designer Natalie Born. Nathalie will show her playful work - exploration of humorous characters, whimsical animals and graphic botanicals - in large-scale posters and wooden figures. Join us and Nathalie for a drink. 






April 23, 2018


NZZ › NZZ am Sonntag ›

April 15, 2018


New In - 1975 by Susan Bijl


We just received some brand new Susan Bijl items. They are part of the "1975" collection, in which Susan Bijl celebrates her year of birth:

"...It celebrates how her parents lived in a typical new Vinex district, with a Volvo car as their transport of choice. How interiors made of oak were everywhere, and orange was dominant in design. How John Cleese lightened up the lives with Monthy Python and Fawlty Towers, while Jaws gave thrills and chills in the cinemas. How Frank Zappa bloomed with his twisted music and Pink Floyd released their classic ‘Wish You Were Here’." (Susan Bijl)

This collection also contains the new foldable backpack medium and the new keychain. The backpack fits both kids and adults and carries up to 20 kg.



Susan Bijl Backpack M


Back Pack M from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


Key Chain Susan Bijl 1975


Keychain from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


Shopping Bag L Susan Bijl 1975


Shopping Bag L from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


NZZ Bellvue // Im Badezimmer von Lena Dunham // Nicole Bachmann, Anna Kaminsky, Malena Ruder // April 2018


Seit 2012 die TV Serie *Girls" von und mit Lena Dunham anlief, polarisiert die unverblümte Art der amerkanischen Autorin. Momentan is sie mitverantwortlich für den feministischen Newsletter "Lenny". Wir stellen uns ihr Bad divers bestückt und frei von Berührungsängsten gegenüber Trash vor.


NZZ am Sonntag // Tipps // Anna Kaminsky // März 2018

Veganer Bio-Fruchtgummi «LoveSpring!», Fr.3.90, von HeyYum, bei Waldraud,  Zürich; waldraud.ch.
So  gutgelaunt  undunschuldig, wie einen das Süssigkeitenmonster  auf der Verpackung dieser Fruchtgummis anstrahlt, schmilzt selbst der  eisernste Wille. Auch wenn die süchtig machenden Dinger der Bikinifigur nicht nur zuträglich sind,  bleibt nach  demVerzehr das gute Gewissen hinsichtlich der Produktethik: Die in unterschiedlichen Geschmacksrichtungen erhältlichen Gummi-Monster sind nämlich vegan und bio.

December 20, 2017


Our Gift Guides


Check out our three Gift Guides for Kids, Men & Women. Enjoy!



Gift Guide Kids - Click on the image above to view the entire gift guide for kids.




Gift Guide Men - Click on the image above to view the entire gift guide for men.




Gift Guide Women - Click on the image above to view the entire gift guide for women.

December 11, 2017


WarmUp with Glühwein, Saturday, December 16


We cordially invite you to our yearly Waldraud Glühwein Get-Together this coming Saturday. We'd love to see many of you at our store in Zurich. Bring your kids along! More information will follow.



Park Life in District 5


We love you, autumn, but we can't get those hot and sunny summer days quite out of our mind yet.



Ann & Lasse wearing matching Knits by Starstyling, Hat & Scarf  & Case Studies, Cardigan Aura Nights




Ann wearing Hat & Scarf  by Starstyling & Cardigan Aura Nights by Case Studies


Photo Credits: Play Hunter

July 29, 2017


Jump Into the Water with Batoko swimsuits!


Welcome Batoko! It isn't easy to find stylish and playful swimwear for women with a good fit. We are thus happy that we've found what we were looking for. Batoko is pop art and a brand that prefers to keep their collections small. By supporting Batoko, you are supporting small creatives who have a passion for the great outdoors, protecting our beautiful natural world and sustainability.




That's Banana Swimsuit, 50 CHF



That's Banana Swimsuit, 50 CHF




Monstera Swimsuit, 50 CHF




Cactus Swimsuit, 50 CHF - This style is also available for kids (1-6 years)



Dinoass Swimsuit, 50 CHF - This style is also available for kids (1-6 years)

July 25, 2017


New Arrivals - AYM


We just received a new delivery of the Aym, a new Danish Jewellery Brand based in Copenhagen. The jewellery collection takes Scandinavian minimalism to a new stage with refreshing colours and a strong attidtude. The jewellery is made in an aircraft company in the USA - how cool is that?



Aiko Ring, Spectrum, 62 CHF. Both designs available in sizes 6 to 8



Aiko Ring, White, 48 CHF & the Agrippa Ring, White, 45 CHF. Both designs available in sizes 6 to 8



Aliénor Bracelet, White, 58CHF. One size (diameter 6.3 cm)



Geometric Necklace, Spectrum, 95 CHF



Geometric Necklace, Spectrum, 95 CHF


Photo credits - Play Hunter



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot


Susan Bijl just launced this colourful special edition in collaboration with the renowned Rotterdam based designer Bertjan Pot. We are delighted to be one of the selected stores to carry this collection.



At the studio of Bertjan Pot in Rotterdam



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Shopping Bag - Passive Workout



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Shopping Bag - Ripstop Fall



SUSAN BIJL x Bertjan Pot - The New Pouch - Ripstop Fall


Photo credits - Jan Bijl


Pinkplantastik Limited Art Print Exhibition at Waldraud


Come & see Play Hunter's Pinkplantastik Limited Art Print exhibition and installation at our store in Zurich. Exhibtion through to May 18.




Pinkplantastik No 1, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 2, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 3, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495




Pinkplantastik No 4, 50 x 70 cm - Limited Edition of 30 + 3 AP Numbered & Signed, CHF 495

April 04, 2017


Play Hunter ›

Pinkplantastik - Limited Edition Art Prints & Installation



What is it that makes potted greenery and pink so appealing, so now? Photographer and author Play Hunter, whose minimalistic images of plants on pink find an ever growing following on Instagram, reckons:

"Plants such as monsteras and cacti are very fotogenic, especially on pink. At the same time, the’re very easy to keep, tough and great survivors. Plants and pink are essentially about a refreshing, positive take on life - something I feel we all need more of right now." says Play Hunter.

To this end, Play joined forces with our store Waldraud to launch Pinkplantastik: a collection of limited edition plantastic art prints set in a room painted in millennial pink. Each week, Play updates the installation with selected objects from the shop. It’s a thing - join #pinkplantastik

Come along & join us - more information will follow on our Pinkplantastik Facebook Event and on Instagram

Waldraud People - Meet Pia


Let’s introduce #waldraudpeople - We want to celebrate and present friends, clients, collaborators and people who inspire. Let’s kick off with Pia! The design cheerleader with a critical eye who started our Instagram. Photos by Play Hunter.



Pia is wearing the Fest Kaftan Shirt/Dress, 350 CHF from Henrik Vibskov giving the BigStuffed Small Whale a kiss. The whale is unfortunately only availble at our store in Zurich. To see more BigStuffed creatures, please visit our Blog.



Pia is wearing the Longsleeve, Camel Melange/Red 68 CHF & Fresh Denim Dappa Apron Dress 180 CHF, both from the Danish brand Mads Nørgaard.


5 things Pia loves about Waldraud

1. The unique selection that simply makes you smile.
2. Meeting unbelievably creative people in the shop.
3. Lovely smells when you enter thanks to the Comme des Garçons Parfumes.
4. The warm welcome by Waldraud’s dog & family member Lasse.
5. Killer music playlists, especially the one created for Waldraud by the Zurich-based music producer Marc Bonet.



Our style cheerleader in the fabolous pink Fresh Curie Dress, 225 CHF from Mads Nørgaard.


Pia - "My current obsession is listening to podcasts like #girlboss radio. The last thing I watched on TV was Girls."



Strike a pose! Pia wearing the stylish slightly oversized powder pink Denim Jacket from MM6, 545 CHF. Available at our store in Zurich - soon online as well.


Pia -  "I find it hard to resist striking a tourist pose when a camera is in front of me."



March 16, 2017


BigStuffed › Play Hunter ›

New Arrivals - The BigStuffed Creatures are back!


We are delighted to welcome the BigStuffed Whales & Octopuses back to our store! You can find Big & Small Whales and Octopuses in our shop in Zurich.



BigStuffed - Small Grandpa Octopus 135 CHF & Small Whale 115 CHF / Photo Play Hunter



BigStuffed - Small Whale 115 CHF / Photo: Play Hunter

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