Vasili Lights - How to Assemble the Jellyfish Lantern

Vasili Lights' lampshades are papercraft designs, which are fun and easy to assemble at home. Each lamp is delivered as a flat-pack with handy instructions, so you can make each lamp in no time. Inspired by the Nordic seaside and the oceans’ many bioluminescent creatures, Amsterdam-based design studio co-founded by Vasili Popov and Lidiya Koloyarskaya create paper craft lampshades in the shape of aquatic animals.


How to assemble the Jellyfish Lantern


 In cooperation with Rankellfoto, photographer Jessica Rankell tried her luck to assemble the Jellyfish Lantern by Vasili Lights. While doing this, she shot some beautiful images of the assembly process. It looks like Jessica did a pretty good job putting together the lampshade. Her insight about the assembly process "...take breaks, refill your coffee cup and enjoy the moment. Practice patience while creating a beautiful lampshade..."



Packaging of the Jellyfish Lantern


Part 1 of the Jellyfish Lantern


The Jellyfish Lantern consists of 13 pre-cut perforated templates made of strong and durable paper, along with step-by-step instructions. In order to make the assembly process straightforward and pleasant, the edges and flaps are numbered.  



Cut out Paper Sheets of the Jellyfish Lantern


Paper Sheets Mixed Up - Jellyfish Lantern


Glue together the edges and flaps with a UHU All Purpose Adhesive or a regular Wood Glue (PVA-based).



Practice by cutting out the Free Heart


Jessica Rankell and herJellyfish Lantern


Jessica Rankell and her Jellyfish Lantern


Jessica and her Jelly Fish Lantern "It gives me a cosy light, a stunning interior detail but also a mindful break."



The Jellyfish Lantern by Vasili Lights


The Jellyfish DIY lampshade is just one big highlight for any room or space. The lampshade will fit around an existing ceiling light bulb (LED only). Cord set and bulb are not included.



The Jellyfish Lantern in the Woods


Photography: Jessica Rankell


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