Meet the Founder Behind Senscommon

Senscommon produces lifestyle clothing and accessories that fit seamlessly into urban life. The Dutch label blends function with the haute-couture design expertise of founder Laura Silinska. After studying fashion design in Paris, she worked for Alexis Mabille and Viktor&Rolf. Laura designs in 3D, draping around the body or a specific lifestyle need.


Meet The Founder Behind Senscommon


Who are you?
Laura, founder and designer of Senscommon.

What is your passion?
I'm a material nerd, passionate by science behind fibres, materials and the ideas of utility in uniform dressing.

What is the aim of your brand?
My preoccupation is to build a timeless range of clothing that caters to well-being which is why I get easily carried away in researching social behaviour trends, technology and innovation in general, always looking out for science that can improve the products I design.



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What about sustainability?
Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand in our fabric selection process, further building our reputation in cutting-edge use of smart materials. We use fabrics not for their aesthetic value but for their performance attributes. In our process, we constantly rely on new technologies as well as sourcing manufacturers know-how to optimise existing techniques to customer needs. Longevity of our products is not an option but a characteristic integrated through the use of smart materials featuring self-purifying qualities, utilitarian durability or displaying a low-maintenance profile.

At Senscommon, garment recycling is taken into account from the design phase. Since clothes made of fibre blends, fabric mix or having garment applications (print, embroidery) make quality care and recycling extremely difficult to nearly impossible, we try to use only strong enough to stand alone mono-fibres and mono-materials. Recycling can go a long way in sustainability, though we went even further by striving towards 100% usage of biodegradable fibres, like merino wool or Tencel™, to name a few. 


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What do you love the most about your job?
The research and ideation phase is what I love the most about what I do. And I cannot be happier when customers reveal that the clothes I designed are the most intuitive and smart garment they have ever owned...


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