Say Hej to Filip Rahim Hansson


Filip Rahim Hansson is a Swedish artist based in Malmö. He works with paintings and sculptures through mixed media techniques in order to challenge the limited structures of society. Through colours and a naivistic way of expression. Filip's artwork surprises in the streets of Malmö, his customized t-shirts and hats gives anyone a happy day.

Connecting colourful, unexpected art with  humour is very Waldraud-like. That's why we asked Filip to collaborate with us and together we are now launching this Art Print Edition of 6 A2 Prints.


Artist Filip Rahim Hansson


Artist Filip Rahim Hansson behind his window paintings. Photo: AJ


Waldraud - who are you?
Filip Rahim Hansson -
I am a survivor, which I think is an important quality if you want to survive as an artist. On my path, I have chosen to take liberties that suit my personality instead of adapting to everyone else's expectations. Even though you sometimes dream of being able to have a regular job, I know that I would have felt so bad about it. I still know that no road is straight - That's simply how I am.




 Artwork in the streets of Malmö by Filip Rahim Hansson


Waldraud - What inspires you?
Filip Rahim Hansson -
I am inspired by the insight into the opportunities and conditions I actually have. The struggle to survive or move forward in life. Dedication to big goals and sticking to them is something that I think is a nice part life.

Waldraud - Your biggest source of inspiration?
Filip Rahim Hansson -
My water polo coach Berne is my biggest source of inspiration, with his steady drive and commitment, giving everyone a chance to be involved and despite adversity ensures that things happen both in the local club but also on a national level.


Meditation has also helped throughout my adult hood starting out during my early teens. Since a few years back, I have been meditating regularly according to a classical Buddhist technique (vipassana) and I have to say that a big part of my analysis of the world around me is based on the attitude that everything is perishable.


Painting or creation is usually not what I'm talking about but everything around it. My creation becomes a reflection of everything that passes and takes a turn through myself. Often completely without any meaning for the moment but everything has a connection - but how important is that? Anyhow, very often a connection appears during meditations and binds it together as a whole. Sometimes it starts the other way around what I want to describe or share. There are no definite or preconceived rules about either life itself or my creation. 



Sculptures by Filip Rahim Hansson

Sculptures by Filip Rahim Hansson / Photo Jessica Rankell


Waldraud - What is important to you? 

Filip Rahim Hansson - The most important thing for me is to feel the joy of the freedom to do what I feel for. To be able to create something and go back one step and be able to shake your head and smile at it with the thought of “what is this”. That feeling of joy and lightness is very important to me, something that I want or hope to be able to share with others through my creation. I think the day I stop feeling it, I also stop making art.


Ann Isler