mo man tai

Rainbow, True Colours

175.00 kr

Why We Love It: This little rainbow is a beautiful gift and brings hope and happiness.



  • mo man tai is known for its colorful expressions the contrasting or coordinated tints add an additional form of personal identification.
  • The play of light, the colored reflections and shadows enticed brings
  • The “True Colours” edition is inspired by the lyrics of Cindy Lauper’s song about looking below the surface to see what a person is really like.


Material & Dimensions

  • Rainbow size: ca. 10 x 12 cm
  • Made of leftover material collected by PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic.


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      Brand & Designer

      mo man tai stands for colourful, for fun, surprising and for a pleasant DIY experience. Mo Man Tai is Cantonese for 'no problem'.


      Origin: Netherlands