WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine

WOTH - No. 17

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Why we Love it: We've been following the creative magazine WOTH since the very beginning and love the colourful corporate identity of the magazine as well as their selection of young, old, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs.


Style & Shape

  • WOTH - Wonderful Things Magazine - No. 17
  • Curated by Mary Hessing
  • Featuring: Bethan Laura Wood, Brothers Hannes and David van Severen, portfolio’s of photographers Ben Thomas and Giovanni Basilico, Job Smeets, Sigrid Calon, Suzan Drummen, Cristina Celestino, Kate and Joel Booy, Jochen Holz,Jessica den Hartog, Mimi Berlin, Masseria Antonio Augusto, Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, father and son; Gijs and Aldo Bakker.
  • Plus: Visiting Scheltens & Abbenes, Tel Aviv - the white Bauhaus city and Designing a life in times of trouble by Annemiek Leclaire.
  • On the cover - Muller Van Severen


Style & Shape

  • Colour Book No. 17
  • 228 pages
  • English edition
  • Printed in the Netherlands


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    Brand & Designer

    WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine is an international print magazine appearing 2 x a year in an voluminous English edition curated by Mary Hessing . Each issue WOTH talks the sharpest minds around: young, old, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs.


    Origin: The Netherlands