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Octopus Lantern, DIY Papercraft Kit, Pink

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Why we love it: this DIY lampshade is just one big highlight for any room or space.


Style & Shape

      • Octopus Lantern, DIY Papercraft Kit, Pink
      • The DIY kit includes 10 pre-cut perforated templates made of strong and durable paper, along with step-by-step instructions
        • They clearly show where to fold and glue, making the assembly of your new lamp is easy and enjoyable! 
        • Most of the work has already been done; the sections have been pre-cut and the folding lines have been perforated. All you have to do is fold along the lines and glue the sections together!
        • A perfect crafting project for you and your kids.


          Material & Dimensions

              • UHU All Purpose Adhesive optionally.
              • The lampshade will fit around an existing ceiling light bulb. 
              • The lampshade is for use with LED light bulb only. 
                We recommend LED bulb E27 600 lumen.
              • Cord set and bulb are not included.
              • You can add a cord set to you lampshade here
              • 51 cm x 48 cm x 16cm (height)
              • 0.4 kg
              • 300 gram paper


              Delivery & Conditions

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              • For non-EU orders, please follow instructions at check-out
              • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


              Brand & Designer

              Vasili Lights' lampshades are papercraft designs, which are fun and easy to assemble at home. Each lamp is delivered as a flat-pack with handy instructions, so you can make each lamp in no time. Inspired by the Nordic seaside and the oceans’ many bioluminescent creatures, Amsterdam-based design studio co-founded by Vasili Popov and Lidiya Koloyarskaya create paper craft lampshades in the shape of aquatic animals


              Origin: The Netherlands