mo man tai

Year Round (eight rolls of 10m tape)

285.00 kr

Why We Love It: creative, simple and in typical mo man tai DIY-style: plan a project or a whole year with Year Round!


Material & Dimensions

  • Year Round (eight rolls of 10 m tape)
  • Eight rolls of 10m tape give you all possibilities of planning and organising.
  • Arrange these rolls on your wall in any way that fits your actual needs. Be it an all year planner, birthday planner, for a specific project or a timetable. The possibilities are endless!
  • Masking 226 paper tape can easily be removed from normal, intact walls (and other surfaces). Test it before you use it on older, weathered walls etc.
  • Diameter 90 mm, Height 185 mm


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      Brand & Designer

      Mo Man Tai stands for colourful, for fun, surprising and for a pleasant DIY experience. Mo Man Tai is Cantonese for 'no problem'.


      Origin: Netherlands