Manuela Art Collage

AVAL Linen Tunic

1,260.00 kr 2,100.00 kr

Why We Love It: this tunic is so soft and easy to wear - an everyday essential in your wardrobe.


Style & Fit

      • AVAL Linen Tunic
      • Light linen tunic with buttons
      • Slightly oversized and relaxed fit


      Materials & Details

      • 70% Viscose, 30% Cotton
      • Colour - Light Grey
      • Wash at 30 degrees
      • Made in Hungary



      Delivery & Conditions

      • Price incl. VAT
      • For non-EU orders, please follow instructions at check-out
      • Delivery normally within 7-10 workdays



      Brand & Designer

      Collage is the signature of the brand, adding this experimental technique to pattern designs such as textiles and artwork. Manuela Collage Art textiiles are not just beautiful and soft to wear, but sustainable too. To avoid over production, her collections can be ordered on demand.

      Origin: Austria