Pigments & Porcelain Espresso Cup, Black

Style & Shape

  • Handmade porcelain cups
  • Each piece is unique, the pattern differs from being colourful or subtle, very smoothe or strongly present
  • The design is based on research about the traditional pouring process of colours through liquid porcelain
  • Design: Alissa + Nienke together with Vij5
  • Available in 80 ml (espresso, coffee), 120 ml (coffee, cappuccino), 300ml (tea, latte)


Material & Dimensions

  • Porcelain
  • 80 ml
  • Diameter 6 cm x height 6.5 cm


Delivery & Conditions

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  • Quick delivery normally within 5 workdays


    Brand & Designer

    Basically Vij5 only exists out of two persons. The young Dutch designer Arjan van Raadshooven and Aniek Branderhorst. Vij5 actively seeks collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection.

    Designer: Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst

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