Travelogue - Ann, Daniel, Lorenz and Henke Scouting in Belgium


A couple of weeks ago the Waldraud team took off to Kortrijk in Belgium to visit the Biennale Interieur 2014. The Kortrijk design week takes place every second year and offers a highly curated selection of furnishing designers. This year's theme was “the home does not exist.”

“Property might no longer be owned but rented, that currencies and governmental services might be decentralised, that the growing gap between our physical selves and our digital identities may generate unexpected social outcomes.” (Joseph Grima (GB) & Space Caviar (IT), curators Biennale Interieur 2014)

Our favorite location was Broelschool, a former school that will soon be demolished to make space for luxury houses. A location that was inspiring & freaky at the same time. It was like being led through a ghost house with inspirational sources and objects where you did not expect them.



Lorenz Isler