Waldraud Introduces One Brand and Its Designers - Kyu


Kyu is a Swiss brand founded in 2014. The designers have their studio in the neighbour street of our store in Zurich. Kyu's products are characterized by their quality, design and innovation language.


Kyu - Lisa and Daniel the two designers behind the brand

Waldraud - Who are you?

Lisa & Daniel - We are a new brand based in Zurich. It was founded in the last summer in the design office „Daniel Hunziker Design Works“. At the moment we are two designers working on the products for kyu swiss design. Daniel Hunziker (Designer and Engineer) and Lisa Nissen (Industrial Designer).


Kyu - Office space

Waldraud - What inspires you?

Lisa & Daniel - There is a lot of inspiration in our work, but also from the trips we do when we get jobs from international companies.


Kyu - Postcards

Waldraud - What is your passion?

Lisa & Daniel - Our passion is to design products until they are perfect into the smallest detail. We see the design process as a totality of function, engineering, design and scenography.


Kyu - Postcard

Waldraud - What is the most challenging part of your job?

Lisa & Daniel - Maybe the most challenging part of our job is to make a product as simple as possible, to make it easy to produce, without losing anything of its cleverness. It should show playful lightness and surprise the user in a positive way.


Kyu - Bottle opener

Waldraud - What do you love the most about your job?

Lisa & Daniel - The best thing about our job is the diversity of projects and the international customers. Today we do art direction in Rio de Janeiro, tomorrow we draw a chapel for a customer in Arkansas (USA) and then we create a new brand in Zurich.


Lorenz Isler