Gift Guide "For the Little Ones"


Christmas is getting closer. Let us help you with some gift ideas "For the Little Ones". These gifts are all available at our store or on our webshop.


Gift Guide

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Fun, informative and stylish book for your little ones who like to know more about the nose and its functions.
Rollo Press - Nasenlöcher, 16 CHF


The Beach Balls bring some real sunshine into the rooms of your little ones.
Tobyhouse - Beach Ball Lights, 140 CHF


Junior (available in gold and silver) will be your little ones' best friends
Soonsalon - Junior, 79 CHF


Stylish unisex beanies for the cool little ones (also available for adults)
Kusin - Unisex Beanie, 25 CHF

Toymail' Mailmen are global WIFI dolls that connect little ones with their famiy and friends all around the world (at the moment we only have Milksop and Fairfax on stock. Rochester and Buck will be available soon).
Toymail - Mailmen, 60 CHF


"Der Walbub" is a contemporary, imaginative and intelligent story book for the little ones. Beautifully illustrated it subtly touches upon key societal question such as urban development (gentrification) and how they changed the everyday reality.
Hakuin Publishing Company - Walbub, 18 CHF


Have you ever seen a sweater moneybox to keep your little one's savings?
Pols Potten - Moneybox Cubic Rabbit, 85 CHF


Family growth chart designed as a family album to hang on the wall. Lets see how your little ones grow and develop.
L'Atelier d'Exercise - Family Growth Chart, 30 CHF


Funny frog with a motion sensor. It croaks when your little one is passing by
Pols Potten - Croaking Frog, 10 CHF

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