New In - 1975 by Susan Bijl


We just received some brand new Susan Bijl items. They are part of the "1975" collection, in which Susan Bijl celebrates her year of birth:

"...It celebrates how her parents lived in a typical new Vinex district, with a Volvo car as their transport of choice. How interiors made of oak were everywhere, and orange was dominant in design. How John Cleese lightened up the lives with Monthy Python and Fawlty Towers, while Jaws gave thrills and chills in the cinemas. How Frank Zappa bloomed with his twisted music and Pink Floyd released their classic ‘Wish You Were Here’." (Susan Bijl)

This collection also contains the new foldable backpack medium and the new keychain. The backpack fits both kids and adults and carries up to 20 kg.



Susan Bijl Backpack M


Back Pack M from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


Key Chain Susan Bijl 1975


Keychain from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


Shopping Bag L Susan Bijl 1975


Shopping Bag L from Susan Bijl's 1975 Collection


Ann Isler