Pinkplantastik - Limited Edition Art Prints & Installation



What is it that makes potted greenery and pink so appealing, so now? Photographer and author Play Hunter, whose minimalistic images of plants on pink find an ever growing following on Instagram, reckons:

"Plants such as monsteras and cacti are very fotogenic, especially on pink. At the same time, the’re very easy to keep, tough and great survivors. Plants and pink are essentially about a refreshing, positive take on life - something I feel we all need more of right now." says Play Hunter.

To this end, Play joined forces with our store Waldraud to launch Pinkplantastik: a collection of limited edition plantastic art prints set in a room painted in millennial pink. Each week, Play updates the installation with selected objects from the shop. It’s a thing - join #pinkplantastik

Come along & join us - more information will follow on our Pinkplantastik Facebook Event and on Instagram

Ann Isler