Waldraud People - Meet Pia


Let’s introduce #waldraudpeople - We want to celebrate and present friends, clients, collaborators and people who inspire. Let’s kick off with Pia! The design cheerleader with a critical eye who started our Instagram. Photos by Play Hunter.



Pia is wearing the Fest Kaftan Shirt/Dress, 350 CHF from Henrik Vibskov giving the BigStuffed Small Whale a kiss. The whale is unfortunately only availble at our store in Zurich. To see more BigStuffed creatures, please visit our Blog.



Pia is wearing the Longsleeve, Camel Melange/Red 68 CHF & Fresh Denim Dappa Apron Dress 180 CHF, both from the Danish brand Mads Nørgaard.


5 things Pia loves about Waldraud

1. The unique selection that simply makes you smile.
2. Meeting unbelievably creative people in the shop.
3. Lovely smells when you enter thanks to the Comme des Garçons Parfumes.
4. The warm welcome by Waldraud’s dog & family member Lasse.
5. Killer music playlists, especially the one created for Waldraud by the Zurich-based music producer Marc Bonet.



Our style cheerleader in the fabolous pink Fresh Curie Dress, 225 CHF from Mads Nørgaard.


Pia - "My current obsession is listening to podcasts like #girlboss radio. The last thing I watched on TV was Girls."



Strike a pose! Pia wearing the stylish slightly oversized powder pink Denim Jacket from MM6, 545 CHF. Available at our store in Zurich - soon online as well.


Pia -  "I find it hard to resist striking a tourist pose when a camera is in front of me."



It's Fashion Sale Time!


Check out our Fashion Sale Items here



New Arrivals - Henrik Vibskov


We just received the first drop of Henrik Vibskov's Autumn/Winter collection the "The Jaw Nuts Piece". Henrik's creations are unconventional, yet simplistic enough to be wearable and an interesting combination of street wear and high fashion. 


Henrik Vibskov - During the presentation of the Autumn/Winter shows, around 200 wooden blabbering heads were placed in the middle of the runway. These objects represent the constant stream of information and misinformation that threatens to drive us nuts.


Henrik Vibskov - Cardigan, PS Knit, 355 CHF

New Arrival - Henrik Vibskov


The first drop of Henrik Vibskov's "The Hot Spray Escape Collection" is here. The styles are characterised by black and white prints on cotton and jersey styles inspired from dessert landscapes and dry geological canyons.


#Henrik Vibskov at #Waldraud

Henrik Vibskov - Fullmoon Dress 420 CHF, Going Stripe Dress  275 CHF, Rakia Dress 335 CHF

Daniel's Gift Guide from Waldraud


Christmas is getting closer and this time, Daniel (one of the three Waldraud founders) presents his favourite gifts from Waldraud. The items are all available at our store or on our webshop. Click here to access Daniel's selection. Enjoy.


Click here to access all the products from Daniel's Gift Guide. Daniel wears the Denim Shirt Sal and a Kusin Beanie.


Looking-glass upon the wall, who is fairest of us all? Extremely light mirrors so easy to stick on any surface. Beautiful design meets simplicity, that's what I like. 
Moustache - Octragon and Round Squared Mirror, 85 CHF


Good quality socks that bring a smile on my dad's face. 
Etiquette Clothiers - Harlequin Black or Blue Moon, 25 CHF


Pigeons mate for life and the white domestic ones are a symbol for peace. What a nice and symbolic hand crafted gift for your beloved one. 
Thomas Eyck t.e. - Pigeon Service, 55 CHF


Getting more beautiful and special every time it is lit. A romantic gift. 
Maison Martin Margiela Line 13 - Candle Holder, 165 CHF


A highlight for my own desk.
Decode - Heavy Desk Light, Dark Grey, 660 CHF


Stylish dungarees for the ones who dare. Be fast, only one S left.
Henrik Vibskov - Caspian Dungarees Deep Indigo, 370 CHF


My grandma likes honey. She will love this one from the black forest - Strong, sweet and tart at the same time.
Echtwald - Waldhonig, 15 CHF


You don't have to be a horse lover to put up the Equus 2.0 on the wall.
Soonsalon - Equus 2.0, 190 CHF


Planning in style - for your analog friends. Also available in black and white.
Marjolein Delhaas - Basic Planer 2016, 28 CHF


You will want to wear it yourself instead of giving it away as a Christmas present. Be fast. S, L and XL left.
Mads Nørgaard Men - Spongy Knit Kazan, 172 CHF

New Arrival - Henrik Vibskov Second Drop


We just received two new items from Henrik Vibskov's Autumn/Winter collection.


Henrik Vibskov -  Caspian Dungarees, 370 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Caspian Dungarees, 370 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Getting Squared Shirt, 195 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Getting Squared Shirt, 195 CHF