New Arrival - Etiquette Clothiers


We just received a broad range of new colourful guality socks for both men and women from Etiquette Clothiers.


Etiquette Clothiers - Socks, 25 CHF
Photo: Play Hunter

November 03, 2016


Journal › New Arrivals ›

New Arrival - Journal Million Coat


This timeless long hooded coat from the Danish brand Journal, is made of ZQ certified Merino wool from sheep reared on farms in New Zealand and processed in the only wool mill in the world that holds the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) environmental certification.

Made of a warm super 100% wool fabric with a technical membrane on the backside called warmsense, which is produced in Italy. Warmsense reacts to UV rays and warms up the fabric (up to 3°C) in cold sunny days. The fabric is also breathable and water resistant.


Journal - Million Coat, 475 CHF


Journal - Million Coat, 475 CHF

New Arrival - Marjolein Delhaas


Stylish 2016 diaries from Rotterdam based graphic designer Marjolein Delhaas.


Marjolein Delhaas - Diaries, 30 CHF
Photo: Play Hunter

New Arrival - H+Hannoh Wessel


The Paris based German designer Hanno Wessel is returning after a 4 year break, relaunching his label H+Hannoh Wessel. The collection is characterised by a personal handwriting using high-quality materials such as natural fibers, tweed and silk. The garments are manufactured in a small factory in Northern Italy.


H+Hannoh Wessel - Coat Carole, 795 CHF


H+Hannoh Wessel - Dolly Dress, 245 CHF

Photos: Play Hunter

October 12, 2016


New Arrivals › Vij5 ›

New Arrival - Vij5


Some new items from our Dutch friends that we couldn't resist.

Vij5 - Handmade Pigments & Porcelain Espresso Cups, 22 CHF

Vij5 - Brass & Copper Hooks, availble in S, M & L, from 30 CHF


Vij5 - Lookshelves to show of your favourite books & magazines from 65 CHF

September 20, 2016


BigStuffed › New Arrivals ›

New Arrivals - BigStuffed


Last week, we gave you a preview, now they are back in our store - The big, soft and cuddly stuffed creatures from BigStuffed are suitable for both kids and adults. Each piece is 100% hand crafted in Bretagne, France.


Watch the clip to get a wonderful introduction to the beauty of BigStuffed


We discovered BigStuffed in an online magazine featuring photography, art and achitecture. Hence, we contacted, Dana the designer and founder of BigStuffed and asked her if she was keen on working with us - and luckily she was! We are proud to be her first reseller outside France.


At the top left & right - BigStuffed Small Whales, 115 CHF, at the bottom a Big Spotted Bubble Whale, 155 CHF


BigStuffed - Octopus & Whales from 115 CHF to 190 CHF


BigStuffed - Small Ocotupus CHF 135 & Small Grandpa Octopus CHF 135


BigStuffed creatures are only available ot our store in Zurich.
Photos by Playhunter

September 14, 2016


New Arrivals › Starstyling ›

New Arrival - Starstyling

We've been following Starstyling for a while, and at first we styled our youngest Waldraud member with a wee kids sweater. After all the great reactions, we decided to bring in their assorted collection for kids and adults. Thus we are very happy to welcome Starstyling to Waldraud. Every Starstyling product is made in-house in Germany by the husband and wife design partnership Kai Seifried and Katja Schlegel.


Starstyling - Points Sweater Unisex Grey, 165 CHF


StarstylingStarstyling - Points Big Shirt, 135 CHF


StarstylingStarstyling - Bulb Sweater Unisex Grey/Bronze, 135 CHF  

New Arrivals - Mads Norgaard

Timeless classics with a fashionable touch. We just received the first drop of Mads Nørgaard's Autumn/Winter collection.


Mads Nørgaard Women - Drapy Wool Cirella Coat, Navy, 479 CHF


Mads Nørgaard Women - Shirt Soft Printed Boutique Sudina, 115 CHF

New Arrivals - Henrik Vibskov


We just received the first drop of Henrik Vibskov's Autumn/Winter collection the "The Jaw Nuts Piece". Henrik's creations are unconventional, yet simplistic enough to be wearable and an interesting combination of street wear and high fashion. 


Henrik Vibskov - During the presentation of the Autumn/Winter shows, around 200 wooden blabbering heads were placed in the middle of the runway. These objects represent the constant stream of information and misinformation that threatens to drive us nuts.


Henrik Vibskov - Cardigan, PS Knit, 355 CHF

New Arrival - Henrik Vibskov Second Drop


We just received two new items from Henrik Vibskov's Autumn/Winter collection.


Henrik Vibskov -  Caspian Dungarees, 370 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Caspian Dungarees, 370 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Getting Squared Shirt, 195 CHF


Henrik Vibskov -  Getting Squared Shirt, 195 CHF

October 23, 2015


Circus Hotel › New Arrivals ›

New Arrival - Solstice x Yves Suter T-Shirts


We just received the t-shirt edition from Solstice x Yves Suter. The artist and book publisher Yves Suter tells stories of snowflakes in black and white while flashing into mysterious night scenes. His forensic shots of weird physical evidence document the oddities of life. Remnants of wild nightly escapades that none of his anonymous subjects would remember are quickly captured. Travelling from Moscow to Zurich to Tokyo, Yves Suter is as restless and relentless as his work is.


Solstice - Yves Suter wearing Solstice x Yves Suter T-Shirt Edition Snowflake, 58 CHF
Wait - Sailor Beanies, 45 CHF

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Solstice - Yves Suter wearing Solstice x Yves Suter T-Shirt Edition Snow Trees, 58 CHF
Seletti - My Crown Gold, 8
© Play Hunter /



Together with this T-shirt edition we also stock a small selection of books by Yves Suter, published by Hakuin Publishing Company. One of them is "Strawberry Snow - A Japan Journal", a photographic documentary that accompanies the Swiss photographer Yves Suter and snowboarder Dominik Betschart.


Yves Suter - Strawberry Snow, 160 pages, offset print, edition of 300 pcs. CHF 69.00
Solstice x Yves Suter T-Shirt Edition Snowflake, 58 CHF

September 22, 2015


New Arrivals › Stine Goya ›

August 05, 2015


New Arrivals › Seletti ›

New Arrival - Seletti Sauria


We are happy to present our new quirky cake stands from Seletti. Made of fine porcelain & available in three different sizes.Check out the Sauria Family here:


August 04, 2015


New Arrivals › Zilla ›

New Arrival - Zilla


Our beloved Zilla laminated cotton purses are back. We also recieved a new purse with a very special finish - The Varnished Edgraved Small Leather Purse.

Zilla - Varnished Edgraved Small Purse, width 23 cm x height 10.5 cm (110 CHF)


Zilla - Iridescent Laminated Small Purse Blue, width 20 cm x height 9.5 cm x depth 1.5 cm (75 CHF)


Zilla - Iridescent Laminated Big Purse Orange, width 23.5 cm x height 14.5 cm x depth 1.5 cm (85 CHF)

August 03, 2015


New Arrivals › Seletti ›

New Arrival - Seletti


We are delighted to present some new and fun items from the Italian brand Seletti to you.


Seletti - Woodspot, 22 cm x 23 cm x 44 cm height (245 CHF)


Seletti - Sauria Trex Cake Stand, height 18.5 cm x diameter 8.5 cm (95 CHF)


Seletti - Sauria Trice Cake Stand, Diameter 29 cm x height 13 cm (155 CHF)


Seletti - My Skateboard Gold, length 58.5 cm x depth 15 cm x height 11 cm (195 CHF)
Seletti - My Crown Gold, 18.5 cm x 7.5 cm (85 CHF)
Seletti - My Gun Gold, lenght 22 cm x height 14 cm x depth 3.5 cm (70 CHF)

New Arrival - Studio Pepe Heykoop


We just received the stylish and simple Paper Vase Cover from the Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop.

Studio Pepe Heykoop - Paper Vase Cover Silver, height 46.5 cm (25 CHF)
Studio Pepe Heykoop - Paper Vase Cover Black, height 46.5 cm (25 CHF)

Studio Pepe Heykoop - Paper Vase Cover White, height 46.5 cm (25 CHF)
Studio Pepe Heykoop - Paper Vase Cover Grey Gradient, height 46.5 cm (25 CHF)


New Arrival - Peter Jensen


We just received some fun new garments from the Danish UK based designer Peter Jensen. As you probably know, he is know for a mastery of colour and print. For this collection, Peter Jensen interpreted the comic strip ”Peanuts”.


Peter Jensen - Andy Shirt (288 CHF)


Peter Jensen - Charlie and Linus T-Shirt (95 CHF)


Peter Jensen - Classic Crewneck Blue (215 CHF)


Peter Jensen - Classic Crewneck Yellow (215 CHF)

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