August 17, 2016


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New Brand - Case Studies


The founders Laura Krauthausen and Konstantin Laschkow behind our newcomer "Case Studies" are raised and based in Berlin. They have a great passion for knitwear and for discovering new textile techniques. Their products are produced in Southern Germany in a socially and ecologically responsible way.

Case Studies

Case Studies - Sweater Meta, Neon Party, 310 CHF


Case Studies - Sweater Pure Ocean, 295 CHF

February 24, 2016


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New Brand - Lark


Lark is a study on the smells of the city of Amsterdam by the Swiss Artist Niklaus Mettler. With the experiences from this study and in cooperation with Amsterdam based perfumer Spyros Drosopoulus, Niklaus created a solid perfume - also called Lark - that captures these smells of Amsterdam.


LARK Waldraud
Lark - Solid Perfume, 75 CHF


Lark Waldraud
Lark - Solid Perfume, 75 CHF

February 10, 2016


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New Brand - Journal


We are excited to present the Danish brand Journal. Journal is timeless and expressive menswear combining interesting fabric choices and a high quality level. The design is inspired by a wide range of various artforms, architecture, litterature and science. The Journal look will live on season after season.


Journal - Brit Liberty Cloud Shirt, 179 CHF


Journal - Details from the Brit Liberty Cloud Shirt, 179 CHF


Journal - Sea Soft Pants, 179 CHF

New Brand - Denise Bonapace

Denise Bonapace is a creative Italian fashion and accessory label. Founder and designer Denise Bonapace graduated in Industrial Design from Politecnico di Milano and has been a consultant for different Italian fashion houses. Fashion is, for her, the language of design applied to the body and the person.


Denise Bonapace - Senz'eta', Off White, 335 CHF


Denise Bonapace - Dialogues Pullover, Grey/Ivory, 350 CHF

October 13, 2015


Karon Mabon › New Brands ›

New Brand - Karon Mabon


Karen Mabon's collection of scarves is laced with the unexpected. Karen Mabon combines her skills and expertise as an artist and designer with her passion for materials and blurres the boundaries between art and fashion. Essentially creating wearable pieces of art, Karen revels in producing work that is accessible, individual and fun. From a fast-paced stock market setting, to the quintessential British garden complete with wasps, a laboratory to a sweet shop. These scarves instantly add a unique and compelling accent to any outfit.


Karon Mabon - Midnight Feast Silk Scarf, 165 CHF


Karon Mabon - Fancy Dress Silk Scarf, 165 CHF


Karon Mabon - Head in Sand Wool Scarf, 225 CHF


Karon Mabon - Prize Poodles Wool Scarf, 225 CHF

October 11, 2015


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New Brand - Parisrennes


Parisrennes is a brand of fine jewels & accessories produced by a Parisian designer who now lives in city Rennes. The jewels are handcrafted in her French studio.


Parisrennes - Bracelet, Gold, 55 CHF


Parisrennes - Necklace, Gold and Silver, 65 CHF
Photo credit: Playhunter


Parisrennes - Necklace, Gold and Silver, 65 CHF
Parisrennes - Bracelet, Gold and Silver, 55 CHF
Photo credit: Playhunter

October 06, 2015


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New Brand - Aalto


We have the pleasure to present you Aalto. Aalto is a new Finish women's fashion label that yesterday had the honour to kick off Paris Fashion week. Aalto's Paris based chief designer Tuomas Marikoski worked 15 years at the world's top luxury brands in Paris, among which were Philippe Starck, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. Hence, we are pleased to have the first Aalto collection at Waldraud as the only store in Switzerland.


Aalto - T-Shirt, Aalto x Jouka Lehtola, 148 CHF


Aalto - We had the honour to attend the fashion show in Paris, March 2015

Aalto is characterised by a feminine wardobe with masculine details, proportions, comfort and elegance with a strong fashion aesthetic. The inspiration is drawn from exploring the diversity of the modern Finnish culture by reinterpreting its traditional DNA, and its blend of harmonious contrasts. Furthermore, Aalto connects fashion, design and art, by cooperating with leading Scandinavian artists.


Aalto - Biker Jacket, 1095 CHF

The current Autumn/Winter collection "Young Heroes" Aalto draws inspiration from Finland. They have collaborated with the Jouko Lehtola Foundation to present works by the late Finnish photographer Jouko Lethola (1963-2010) portraying the potency of being young, as yet untouched by conforfmity.


Aalto - Double Breasted Coat, Pine Tree, 680 CHF


Aalto - Sweatshirt, Aalto x Jouka Lehtola, 280 CHF

New Brand - Visser & Meijwaard


The label Visser & Meijwaard was founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in August 2013. In their designs versatile materials and clear shapes constitute the essence and they are guided by recognizable details and the way in which the product is used.

Their Truecolors Bench and Stool are available in black, blue, green, grey, orange, red and yellow.


Visser & Meijwaard - Truecolors Bench, Grey, 450 CHF


Visser & Meijwaard - Truecolors Bench, Yellow, 450 CHF


Visser & Meijwaard - Truecolors Stool, Green, 390 CHF

New Brand - Daphna Laurens


Daphna Laurens' design studio was founded by Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders, both graduates from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The studio’s stylistic research is geared towards experimentation, searching for new forms and use of materials with the aim of turning everyday products into objects that have their own distinctive identity.


Daphna Laurens - Bottle House, 12 CHF


Their wooden bottle houses playfully plug open bottles and create sweet little villages on any tabletop. The product is hand made in Daphna Laurens studio in Eindhoven and is made of oak or beach wood and come in black, navy, brown, yellow and natural.


Daphna Laurens - Bottle House, 12 CH

May 13, 2015


La Star › New Brands ›

New Brand - La Star


The unique designs of La Star are dreamy, delicate and natural illustrations from the nature, symbolic and surreal worlds. Two different approaches which blend harmoniously into something new. La Star produces textiles, wallpapers and prints in limited numbered editions. Their products are designed in Switzerland and made in Europe.


La Star - Everybodys Love, 110 CHF


La Star - The Ugly Truth, 110 CHF

New Brand - Natalie Born


The illustrator and fashion designer Natalie Born who currently lives in Switzerland, graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and has ever since worked on many international design projects. In 2012, she decided to focus solely on illustration, for which she’s had an abiding passion since her teens. Her explorations are exquisite hybrids of drawings and collages which reflect her involvement with fashion and art. Natalie Born has develoed a distinctive style not only with her ilustrations but also because of her choice of texture and paper.


Natalie Born - Cards with illustrations, 600g paper 5.90 CHF

April 29, 2015


FAUX/real › New Brands ›

New Brand - FAUX/real

New Yorker design duo Louis DeCicco and Mari Ouchi, former fashion stylist/editor are making more than jewelry and objects. They are making pieces that you can think and talk about, utilizing unexpected materials transformed into pieces with a surprising grace and vision. The brand FAUX/real are challenging people's eyes and mind through their work with a very thoughtful touch and a twist of humor.


FAUX/real - Rubber and Gold Plated Mentos Bracelet, 145 CHF


FAUX/real - Midnight Shampo Bangle, Black/Gold, 195 CHF


FAUX/real - Rubber and Gold plated Infinity Checkout Bracelet, 245 CHF


FAUX/real - Rubber and Gold Plated Mentos Bracelet, 145 CHF

March 27, 2015


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New Brand - Kusin


Kusin is a Swedish label designing all year around unisex beanies for infants, kids and adults. The beanies are available in several different colours and are made of GOTS certified organic cotton.


Kusin - Unisex beanies for infants, kids and adults, 25 CHF


Kusin - Unisex beanies for infants, kids and adults, 25 CHF


Kusin - Unisex beanies for infants, kids and adults, 25 CHF

March 24, 2015


New Brands › Wait ›

New Brand - Wait


Wait is a French mens' fashion brand. To design and produce their clothes, they work with the best Breton craftmen. The Wait collection is thus ​​entirely made in France.


Wait - Sailor pullover, 100% wool, made in France, 185 CHF


Wait - T-Shirt, 100% organic cotton, made in France, 50 CHF


Wait - T-Shirt, 100% organic cotton, made in France, 50 CHF


March 17, 2015


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New Brand - New Gents


Some new colourful mens's accessories with old values and ethics wrapped up in a new attitude just arrived at our store.


February 25, 2015


Eytys › New Brands ›

New Brand - Eytys


Eytys is a Swedish-based sneaker brand founded in 2013. Eytys aims to be the perfect manifestation of the generation Y: a celebration of multidisciplinary creativity that comes from growing up with a heavy diet of everything and anything and always being accessible. Their sneakers take quality and comfort to another level while keeping the price affordable. The brand is founded by three high school friends all tracing their fashion roots back to the early days of Acne Studios.

Eytys - Mother Canvas in green


Eytys - Mother canvas in black, navy and white and lether in navy


February 10, 2015


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New Brand - Circus Hotel

Circus Hotel is a contemporary knitwear brand. They produce cheerful and versatile pieces playing with lines, colours and graphics. The soul of the collection is a curious travelling woman. She absorbs the essence of every country she meets, melting everything in her personal flag. She is a modern nomad, her style is urban and sophisticated in basic and spicy tones. Circus Hotel produces in the historical Italian knitwear factory Maglificio Gulp.

Circus Hotel - Sleeveless top, black


February 06, 2015


Jeroen Van Leur › New Brands ›

New Brand - Jeroen Van Leur

Dutch Deisgner Jeroen Van Leur develops functional products with a sense of craftmanship, quality and simplicity.


Jeroen van Leur - B Light and Bit of Wine, both soon available at Waldraud


February 04, 2015


Faux / Real › New Brands ›

New Brand - Faux/Real


Faux / Real is the New Yorker design duo Luis Decicco and Mari Ouchi. They transform unexpected materials into pieces wih surprising grace, vision and challenge people's eyes/mind through their work. The duo positions themselves on a fine line between the fields of art/design/fashion/interiors/archietcture and thus suit perfectly into Waldraud.


Faux / Real - Infinitity Checkout bracelet; 18k gold plated brass covered partly with matt rubber


Faux / Real - Infinitity Checkout bracelet


February 02, 2015


Kyu › New Brands ›

New Brand - Kyu


Kyu is a Swiss brand founded in 2014. The designers have their studio in the neighbour street of our store. Kyu's products are characterized by their quality, design and innovation language. We could not resist their playful cork cards that once with their new owner can be assemble into an animal. The cards come with a matching envelope.

Kyu - Card with elephant

Kyu - Elephant that can be assembled out of the card