Waldraud Temporary

Our time with you at Waldraud in Zurich has been an unforgettable journey with many bright memories.

We would like to say thank you to all of you kind people who came by the store to say hi until the very end. We were overwhelmed with your kind words and we even received some sweet handwritten letters.

Your words and stories made us realise that we really made an impact in district 5 and in Zurich and that we didn’t just run a store. Waldraud was literally a place where people could have a good laugh, collect inspiration and recharge their batteries. It even served as a platform where designers found new collaboration partners. That’s how Marcus Kraft x Zäringer Weingut and Natalie Born x ZigZagZurich met and developed amazing creations together.

As we were looking back on all the good times, we serendipitously got the opportunity to stay on a little longer in district 5, and decided to jump on it!



Opening Times Waldraud Temporary:
Thursday, 16 - 19 o’clock
Friday, 12 - 19 o’clock
Saturday, 11 - 17 o’clock

Ann Isler