Brownie and Blondie

Fabrice Couturier, known for his technical and creative excellence, founded the unisex label Brownie and Blondie in 2011. Brownie and Blondie produces two lines: the main line and the socks collection. The socks collection is a collaboration with manufacturer Perrin, and is 100% made in France. The Brownie and Blondie collection is entirely produced in Europe.

The label’s idea and origin was to merge sport oriented fabrics like polyamide elastane micro perforated, breathable, crease proof, UV-resistant with a grey cotton jersey lining. The collections are designed to follow the wearers body, regardless of gender or size. The products are done in technically advanced fabrics such as double-face fabrics or a hot-melt laminating of an elegant wool fabrics with washable leather.

Origine: Germany