New Brand - Toymail


We are happy to introduce you to our next product discovery - the Mailmen. Mailmen are global walkie talkies that connect families all around the world. You can send free voice messaging to and from the Mailmen through Toymail's iPhone/Android app. Send your message anytime and children can reply right back. The Mailmen were funded with the international crowdfunding plattform kickstarter and through Waldraud they now enter the Swiss market. 


Toymail - Different Mailmen with different voices, 60 CHF. Photo: Play Hunter


Toymail - On the back of the Mailmen there are buttons to play and record messages. Photo: Play Hunter


Watch a short movie and see how the Mailmen work:


Toymail - Video

Toymail - Mailmen and the Toymail app (available for Iphone and Android) for sending and receiving messages


Lorenz Isler