MONOCLE // D BRIEFING Fashion - Eclectic mix Zürich (Waldraud) // By Tommy Seres // January 2013


Located on Zürich’s Josefstrasse, Waldraud is a concept store that sells functional and unique items, most made sustainably in small numbers around the world.
The range covers everything from Dutch copper lamps to Japanese outerwear and is constantly evolving. Womenswear by Copenhagen’s Stine Goya and jewellery by Norwegian Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen sits next to Brooklyn We Go Hard sweaters, jackets by White Mountaineering and Comme des Garçons T-shirts. “We are constantly on the lookout for new, playful and stylish products that will surprise our customers,” says co-owner Lorenz Isler. — tse

Best buys:
01 Claire-Anne O’Brien stool
02 Vij5 copper lamp
03 Comme des Garçons T-shirt
04 White Mountaineering jacket
05 MeS handmade cushions



Lorenz Isler